Q: How do I get LabraNet User ID?

If you are a student you have first to apply to courses in ASIO. After that you will receive via email your LabraNet User ID and some instructions. You will not receive User ID if none of the courses that you have applied to is held in LabraNet class rooms. At the beginning of each semester LabraNet Admins will periodically run a script that check new users from ASIO. If you are not going to apply in ASIO (e.g. you have almost finished your studies) and you wish to use LabraNet, please mail to visit room D332 in IT-Dynamo.

Members of staff can have their User ID’s by visiting us in room D332.

Q: Why is my account disabled?

Accounts are automatically disabled before the next semester and will be only enabled if you have applied to courses. If you’re doing other studies such as thesis or projects, please visit D332 or open a ticket and we’ll enable your account.

Q: I need to reset my password?

Visit us in D332 with identification.

Q: When will you delete my account/data?

We will delete accounts and data only for very old student accounts (over 5 years). If you want all your data erased when you graduate, please inform us.

Q: Is there any possibility to use LabraNet services (e.g. home folder) at home?

Yes there is. Please look at the instructions -section.

Q: I got this error: Application Blocked on this webpage X, how can I use this service?

This is our application firewall blocking the connection. If you need a special service allowed for study purposes, contact us.

Q: I get this error at classroom when trying to log on: There are currently no logon servers available

Usually this means that the computer does not have network. Check if the network cable is unplugged and try rebooting the computer. If the problem persists, contact LabraNet staff.

Q: What alternative browsers do you offer?

We currently support Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome.

Q: Why are these pages written in English?

Mainly because we have also abroad students who’ll hopefully read these instructions.

Q: I left a memory stick behind and now it’s not there, where can I find it?

You can try asking your teacher in that class, Infodesk at Dynamo Lobby or LabraNet staff at D332.